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Come from the Nature, Made for the Future

Environmental protection and sustainable development is now a trending theme for modern fashion industry. The awareness also grows in hanger industry. More and more consumers are tending to buy sustainable products-including bamboo hangers. With the concern of protecting our natural resources, Achino has developed a full range of bamboo hangers.

Achino’s story of bamboo begins deep in the Guilin city where it locates. Here you can find abundant MOSO bamboo forest resources locally. MOSO bamboo is renowned for its strength, hardness and versatility. It can grow at a rate exceeding the harvest ability of human. This characteristic remarked it as a self-sustainable nature resource for centuries. Local people re-harvested it for daily life usage without damage to local ecosystem.

As a FSC certified company with years of expertise in the production of hangers, Achino can output more than 5 million pcs bamboo hangers per year, including coat hangers, top hangers, pants hangers, etc. The quality of Achino’s bamboo hangers begins with the very first step of harvesting bamboo. We only use those MOSO bamboo harvested at its peak life spans of around 5-7 years. The key factor in the quality of bamboo hangers is the type of paints used. Achino use a laboratory-tested water-based paint that not only is green and safe, but also is ultra low VOCs. All Achino’s bamboo hangers use peak-harvested MOSO bamboo that is dried to 6-8% moisture, this ensure them strong and durable, but light in weight. Every hanger has ultra-low VOCs to protect our end-consumers and their families.


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