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Achino FSC Story

Guilin City is a famous international tourist resorts. It integrates ecological protection, cultural tourism and industrial development that built this city a tourism development model. Guilin City has insisted on “a blueprint for the end” as its sustainability strategy ever since 1970s. As a wood hanger manufacturer based in Guilin City, Achino have a responsibility to combines industry, sustainability and nature in hanger solutions.


Just as Achino founder said, the driver of our company is the continuous search for sustainability. Sustainability is the dream that has always guided every design of hangers. Achino always dedicated to promoting wooden hangers from well-managed forests. With this commitment, Achino has earned FSC standard for Chain of Custody Certification from Accredited Certification Body SAI GLOBAL.


Many consumers believe that wooden hangers were manufactured from Rainforest. So when they plan to buy wooden hangers, they want to make sure that the hangers are from the well-managed forests. Achino is pride to be one of the manufacturer supplying FSC Certified wooden hangers. Every wooden hanger from Achino could be traced back to where it was responsibly harvested.


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