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A Suit Never be Folded

Ordinary hangers just hang your suits, but luxury customized wooden hangers protect and prolong the life of your suits. Wire and cardboard hangers, plastics hangers or even free wooden hangers, these cheap hangers do nothing more but ruin your premium suits.


Different hangers are designed for different purposes. Originated from well-managed forests, Achino customized luxury wooden hangers were deliberately crafted from premium woods. Achino’s R&D department studied the latest research and applied the ergonomics to the design of customized luxury hangers. With wide shoulders and fully contoured, a broader overall design optimize the shoulder support, and extend a suit’s life by preventing stretching and sagging.


Most of people might overlook the width of a hanger, but it is really a critical characteristic of the right hanger for suits. One-size-fit doesn’t work when it comes to suit hangers. Following the point-to-point measurement, measure the size directly across the back all the way to where the shoulder meets the sleeve, you will pick the right size of hanger for your suit jackets.


The thickness of a suit hanger, or what we called the girth, also is extremely important at its ends. Achino’s luxury suit hangers are at least 2.5” in shoulder flares. This characteristic offers a surface are 5X larger than common hangers to distributes the weight of a suit jacket, and ensure that the drape of the suit is well-protected.


Achino manufacture luxury suit hangers in different widths. Some is an exceptionally large for professional or gentlemen with particularly broad shoulders, while others is aimed for the smaller man who couldn’t find the right size hangers for their expensive suit jackets.


In New York, an urban world saturated with endless suit shops and bespoke tailors with suits range from $5,000 to $30,000, Achino’s luxury customized hanger is a must. Believe or not, your suit jackets spend more time in your wardrobe than on your shoulders. Achino’s luxury customized hanger is the shoulders of your suit jackets. A suit never be folded.

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