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Hanger Lifehacks Housewife Must Have

Are you overwhelmed by all the stuff in your small apartment? Do you despair at all the clothes of one family in one wardrobe? It is not surprising that being a housewife can be a busy and demanding job. With so many housework on schedule, what you really need is some life hacks. Here I’ve rounded up 4 pieces of wardrobe decluttering life hacks for housewife to make life a little easier.

Part #1. No more bumps-up sweater

What mom doesn’t hate ironing jobs? Bums-up on sweater could be a nightmare for every housewife. Use the hanger to hang sweater correctly, try this tip to prevent bums-up on sweater. Take a sweater and folding it in half. Put the hanger hook in the armpit, then fold the sleeve and body of sweater across the hanger. This life hack will save your time of ironing the bums-up and wrinkles of folding.

Part #2. Long dress that never be crumbled.

Every woman has a tendency to fill her wardrobe full of long dresses-and this means that only a walk-in wardrobe could get the long dress hung tidily without a mess. However, a hanger life hack could make things different. Starts with a long dress on a hanger, scoop up the bottom of dress and fold in half. Bring the bottom through the hanger, tuck the fabric into the neckline. Even a small room of closet is ready for every woman’s dream of long dress.

Part #3 Hanging pants prevent wrinkles and saving space.

If you want to hang as much as you can in the wardrobe, then this life hack makes a huge difference in saving space. In practice this takes seconds to do, put a hanger in the crotch of pants, take the leg of pants, and wrap it around the hanger one by one. Using a hanger smartly, you can fix the issue of folding wrinkles, and also save space of your wardrobe.

Part #4 Master of space-saving with a tab of can.

Clothes are a very personal item for everyone. In every wardrobe, there are some clothes like these, you bought it and have never worn it, you bought it and wore it once for a special occasion, you bought it but it doesn’t fit anymore. These clothes are a reflection of your style and personality, it is really difficult to let it leave your wardrobe. Take some tabs of can, and hang all these clothes like a string. This life hack will take up much less space in your wardrobe, and keep your memories alive.

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