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How an Achino FSC Hanger is Made

If your occupation requires you to wear a uniform and keep a clean appearance every day, wooden hanger is what you used to keep your suit jackets and pants in good shape. Among a variety of wooden hangers in retail store, you might notice that some wooden hangers come with a symbol in green color consisting of outline of a tree and checkmark. That is FSC-certified LOGO.

So what is FSC-certified wooden hanger? Why should you choose FSC-certified products if other types are more on a budget? Why does Achino recommend FSC-certified hangers? FSC-certified is more than just a catchy LOGO.

What is FSC?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. FSC is a non-profit organization founded in 1993, who helps protect the world’s forests from unethical and illegal logging.

Achinos Compliance with FSC

Compliance with a strict set of standards & rules has earned Achino one the most important certificates: FSC standard for Chain of Custody Certification. In order to prove our commitment to operating with low environmental impact and sustainability, Achino does not accept wood or lumber comes from unchecked and endangered forests. Only those woods or lumber comes from well-managed forests can enter into the supply chains of Achino. According to the company policy and regulates, our employees collects all the required data to prove the source of any wood/lumber purchase. This ensures any wood/lumber produced by illegal activities was excluded, and the environment and forests is well protected.

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