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How to Hang Your Dress Pants with the Savile Row Fold

Most people have a lot of pants, jeans, chinos, cargo pants, sweatpants, joggers and every other style of pants. I wonder you ever have trouble with hanging your suits pants. The answer is definitely yes.

Usually we hang pants on hangers by judging their weight evenly on the crossbar. The annoying thing is that your nice clean pants will fall to the floor in seconds. You are probably struggle to wash them and do the ironing again, since they might get all wrinkled and dirty on floor.

Savile Row Folding technique is a simply way you don’t get crumpled. It will help to keep your pants looking pristine, and always ready to wear without any extra ironing, pressing or steaming. Here you need to know about Savile Row Folding step-by step in the following way:

  1. Hold the Pants Upside Down

In Savile Row Folding, the pants will be hanged by the legs, so you need to hold the pants upside down firstly. This is how this method differs because we used to hang the pants by the waist.

  1. Straddle the Pants on the Hanger

Make sure that you hold on leg on each side of the hanger, so the pants either hang along their crease or along the seam as desired. Now the pants are straddling on the hanger.

  1. Fold One Leg Over the Crossbar of Hanger

Once you positioned your pants properly, grip the hem of one leg, and fold it over the crossbar from the outside in the hanger. Pull the leg all the way down to the crotch of the pants.

  1. Fold the Other Leg Over as the First One

Since you have the first leg pulled down correctly, you simply need to route the other one through the crossbar of hanger over the first leg. Give the legs a quick smooth with your hands along their crease, and double-check there won’t be any wrinkles.

  1. Give the Hanger a Shake

Give it a shake to prove that you’ve done it correctly in Savile Row Folding. I am sure you will be satisfying about how tightly it locks down your pants on hanger. A felted hanger or a wooden hanger that has a grooved pants grip is highly recommended for this method.


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