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Pinklily Hangtastic Hanger Solutions

Based in Marrickville, Sydney, Pinklily runs a glamorous storage solutions business designed for the modern woman. They give women around Australia access to a unique range of quality products that make organizing wardrobe fun.
Sascha (aka Miss Pinklily) is an organization expert with years of experience designing products for stylish storage. She creating stand out products such as clear shoe box, lingerie box, handbag garage, organza slips etc and make Pinklily a well-known brand. One of the most important decisions made for Pinklily was adding coathanger in the product range. Then Hangtastic Hanger come into being.
Achino are thrilled to partner with Pinklily on this historic Hanger Solutions project. Hangtastic Hanger is the best of the best when it comes to wardrobe organizing.
Hangtastic Hanger is the most versatile coat hangers with different features:
a. Non slip shoulders(no more crushed clothes on the floor);
b. Shaped neck(ensures easy hanging with no stretched necklines);
c. Accessory rail and connector(coordinate your outfits together, saving your time and space by vertically hanging);
d. Slim strong design;
e. Cami hooks;
f. Pant rail;
g. Skirt clips

Hangtastic Hanger creates space and allows you to hang every item and keep every item on the hangtastic without creating a “floordrobe”. For more storage solutions head to

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