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Teamwork with Samsung makes the dream work of AirDresser

As the saying goes: Teamwork makes the dream worked. It is a great honor for Achino connecting and working together with tech giant Samsung in their AirDresser Project.


Crossover has become an important marketing strategy for the current trend. From east to the west, from traditional to modern, the trend of cross-border creates a unique opportunity for each individual brand to grow in ways they couldn’t do it alone. The cross-border joint cooperation with Samsung allows Achino that have nothing to do with electronics to penetrate in this area. Achino held over 6 active patents in trousers clip. Achino’s dedication in Intellectual Property Rights is a key factor of the successful of Samsung AirDresser Project. The contrast brought by Achino’s expertise and knowledge in hanger industry brings a strong impact to the product of AirDresser, and eventually forms a “1+1>2” marketing effect.


Samsung announced the global launch of this innovative AirDresser on January 20, 2020. This must-have clothing care appliance not only packed a lot of Samsung electronics features, such as JetAir System,Jet Steam, SmartThings supported, built-in display etc, but also integrated with Achino’s expertise and knowledge on Air Hangers and Weight Kit. Air Hangers ensures clothes especially suits, jackets and blazers, are groomed gently, increasing the lifespan by avoiding washing too frequently. The design of Weight Kit makes sure AirDresser can also handle the better care of trousers.


Crossover with Samsung in AirDresser shows that, Achino is confident in their deep knowledge of hanger industries and cutting-edge technology in manufacturing. The successful project of AirDresser has come to expect that Achino offers practical hanger solutions to make lives more convenient.


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